***RC Bookset***

***RC Bookset***

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These two essential RC Essays are helpful for anyone wishing to understand the Regnum Christi charism.

What is Regnum Christi?

For current Regnum Christi members in every state of life, as well for inquirers and future members, the Statutes of the Federation are a firm reference point as we journey forward together serving the Church.  To that end, What Is Regnum Christi? is a short essay that explores the critical concepts found in the Statutes and, by the grace of God, will open new doors for living out the Regnum Christi vocation. 

Our Formation Pathway

Regnum Christi has always been passionate about integral formation—the ongoing pilgrimage of faith that gradually leads us to greater and greater intimacy with God, apostolic fruitfulness, and personal fulfillment.  Integral formation is not only an instrument that enables us to evangelize better, the way training enhances an athlete’s performance during the actual competition, but rather, our own formation actually comprises, at least in part, the building up of Christ’s kingdom. Formation certainly prepares us for our Christian mission, but at the same time it is our mission; integral formation builds up Christ’s kingdom within us.